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Quant Europe

Quant Europe

The following content contains information on the recent 2015 Quant Europe. 2016 updates coming soon.

Risk is proud to present Quant Europe 2015, our annual conference showcasing the latest innovations in derivatives price modelling, risk management and quantitative strategies being adopted by leading financial institutions.

Exclusive interview with Rama Cont, Chair of Mathematical Finance & Director, CFM-Imperial Institute of Quantitave Finance, Imperial College 

Watch Rama speak about the role and future of the Quant industry, whether academia is responding to industry needs, and why Quant Europe 2015 is of value to attend for the Quant Industry.


Over the past ten years, this conference has provided a perfect meeting point for the quantitative finance community to present new research, cutting-edge practical applications and invaluable insights that attempt to tackle some of the most urgent challenges in the field of derivatives modelling, pricing, quantitative trading and risk management.


Every effort is made to develop the programme with academics and practitioners, to ensure that all information delivered is of the best quality and topicality - reflecting the high level of content you'd expect from Risk.


Don't miss a combination of keynotes, guest addresses, panel discussions, case studies and master class presentations in our dedicated streams covering the following topic areas:


  • Innovative models on volatility and interest rate derivatives
  • Latest management techniques in credit and market risk
  • The impact of incoming regulatory changes
  • Model risk
  • Funding, collateral and capital management
  • Quantitative investment strategies

Along with two separately bookable workshops.









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